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Matt still believes the ideal reader is a reader who actually wants to read and it doesn’t matter whether that person is getting their stories on a Kindle, iPhone, or in a big fat Sunday newspaper. The point is to tell stories about people and places, and Matt trusts that if he finds a subject compelling, so too will the reader and they’ll come along for the ride.

The expertise Matt has developed is essential to his work as a writer and reporter but he also knows there’s no substitute for curiosity and a craving for new information and experiences. So along the way Matt has descended into active missile silos to watch technicians disarm live nuclear weapons, worked alongside salmon fishermen on Kodiak Island, and helped out as a swamper on a Grand Canyon rafting trip.

He has gotten mouthfuls of Colorado River silt but also sampled the world’s purest honey on the Big Island, always keeping in mind the advice of a J-school professor: “Make them taste the story, make them smell it.” That’s as true in the Age of Google as it was in the Age of Gutenberg.



Matt Jaffe Writer

Matt Jaffe Writer
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