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Matt’s book projects have given him the freedom to write more in-depth about subjects he first explored in magazine articles. Not only have these books offered the opportunity to more fully develop themes about environment and culture, they have also allowed Matt to collaborate with photographers and create works that show the combined power of insightful writing and compelling images to tell stories. His latest book project is on Palm Springs and its rapid emergence from a desert frontier settlement to an international resort and center for Modernist architecture in just 30 years.

Click on covers for book excerpts.

“Jaffe is clearly a wilderness advocate…At his best, he’s lyrical…The Santa Monica Mountains is an ambitious book, as sprawling, quirky and varied as the range itself. More than a coffee table book and just short of a travel guide, it’s nothing less than a love letter to the wild heart of Los Angeles.

  Los Angeles Times
Matt Jaffe Range on the Edge
“Photographer Judith Cooper Haden and author Matthew Jaffe have achieved far more than a show-and-tell in this endearing hardcover. They've comprehended the soul of a people and brought it vividly to life on the printed page.”

  Chicago Tribune
Matt Jaffe Oaxaca
Matt Jaffe Along the Water's Edge
Matt Jaffe Writer
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